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Live Telephone Answering Service or Virtual Receptionist

Never miss another call and always make a great first impression on your customers with experienced professionals answering telephone calls for your business. We can help manage customer support/feedback, schedule appointments, take orders and service requests, coordinate technical assistance, etc. Beyond 24/7 live telephone answering service for those times when you can’t answer all your calls, Extension 19 can also be your virtual receptionist. When a virtual receptionist answers your calls, you have the production and image of a traditional administrator at minimal cost. Ideal for small businesses who need exceptional servce at a reasonable price.

Call Overflow, After Hours & Weekend or Emergency Response Needs

To maximize revenue, no business can afford to miss sales opportunities and that means ensuring your callers don’t go unanswered, reach voicemail or get a busy signal. We can help your overflow needs during business hours, Emergency Response situations and any other after-hours issues. It is important to be prepared for the worst, and be available to assist your client’s when they need you most. Additionally your employee’s can call in, or out and our team can rapidly respond to these types of emergencies. We are here 24/7 so business can be conducted without interfering with home life. Each account can tailor your instructions and responses to distinguish between critical requests and those that can wait to the next business day.

Call Center Services or Technical Support

Our specially trained staff can offer top-notch customer service by providing 24/7 technical support for your customers, manage order taking, appointment scheduling, or any other of your call center needs. Whenever your business customers need help desk services, live agents are available to assist them.

Message Documentation & Dispatching

Extension 19 offers protection with thorough and complete documentation. All of our inbound and outbound communications are archived, and available for quick retrieval. Our comprehensive message delivery services let you patch directly to callers or receive fast, accurate relay of messages. Extension 19 Answering Service operators can send complete messages instantly, using a variety of methods including text messaging, phone call, e-mail, PDA, Voicemail, fax or any other desired method. Non-urgent messages can be delivered immediately or as a batch in the morning so your staff can follow up. We will deliver urgent messages instantly via your communication method of choice; we will escalate through each contact method you provide us in order of your preference until we reach your staff. Dispatch messages the way you prefer. You’re in total control.

Auto Attendant, Voicemail & IVR

You don’t feel the need for a live telereceptionist? We have the answer! Use Auto Attendant or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services to provide your business customers with high levels of service for calls that don’t require live telephone answering.


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